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Recyclable duvet packaging

If you’re a bedding business that cares about the planet and your customers, you might be looking for a way to reduce your packaging waste, especially with more sustainability regulations put into place every day. Recyclable duvet packaging might just be the best eco-friendly option for you. See which options we have available, and whether recyclable duvet packaging is truly the best packaging fit for you.

Recyclable duvet packaging
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Examples of our recyclable duvet packaging

Our recyclable duvet packaging products are made from biodegradable, compostable, or renewable materials such as paper, cardboard, or cotton. These are materials that consumers can recycle easily. Each material has its pros and cons. Our team of experts is happy to advise you on the best options for your product, budget, and target market.

A household name in the bedding industry

At Willems Packaging, we have over 35 years of experience in providing high-quality and custom packaging solutions for the home textile and bedding industry. You can be certain we think along about practical issues such as folding and compression, breathability and ventilation, retail presentation, sizes and shapes, and sustainability considerations.

Below are examples of recyclable duvet packaging that our customers particularly like.

Custom recyclable duvet packaging options

Create fitting packaging design for your product

We understand that every bedding business has different packaging needs and preferences. That’s why we offer customisable recyclable duvet packaging solutions to tailor to your specific requirements.

Explore our customisation options below, and contact us if you’re ready to order.


No matter your required sizes or shapes, we make sure your duvet packaging fits right.


Our diverse range of packaging materials includes paper, cardboard, cotton, as well as environmentally friendly choices like biodegradable, compostable, and renewable materials.


Our wide colour palette, ranging from 1 to 98 shades, seamlessly complements your branding.


Whether you want your packaging to be simply functional and strong for transport, have a luxurious look, or draw attention as an extra marketing asset, we help you decide.


Add your logo and other brand identity markers for instant recognition in full lush colours.


In close cooperation with you, we deliver products that meet requirements of relevant sustainability labels. These include GOTS, GRS or Blue Angel – The German Ecolabel certified packaging. Ask us for your product’s options.
Recyclable duvet packaging

We compensate for the CO2-emissions of production and transportation from our packaging products through a collaboration with Trees for All.

Need help deciding which recyclable duvet packaging fits your product best?

Quick answers to common questions
Recyclable Duvet packaging FAQ

For many of our packaging products, you can request a sample for testing. Please note that this may be a paid service, if you want a custom design. Please contact us beforehand about sample possibilities.

Next to investing in future-proofing your packaging for the planet, recyclable duvet packaging can help you:

  • reduce your carbon footprint
  • save money on disposal costs and taxes
  • attract environmentally conscious customers who are willing pay more for sustainable products

Recyclable duvet packaging, although beneficial for the environment, may come with a few drawbacks. Firstly, the initial cost of recyclable packaging materials might be higher compared to plastic or non-recyclable options. Additionally, due to its bulkier nature, recyclable packaging may require more storage space than its plastic counterparts. Furthermore, in terms of durability and protection during transportation, recyclable packaging might not be as robust as plastic or non-recyclable alternatives. Another potential limitation is that recyclable packaging may not be available in all sizes or shapes, restricting its compatibility with certain duvet dimensions. Lastly, specific types of duvets or filling materials may not be compatible with recyclable packaging, posing a challenge in finding suitable packaging solutions.

If recyclable packaging turns out not to be the right fit, we have other sustainable packaging options on offer.

The standard delivery times for our packaging are:

  • from stock, delivery within Europe: 1-3 workdays
  • new production and delivery within Europe: 4-6 weeks
  • new production and delivery from Asia to Europe: 10-14 weeks

Please contact us for a more precise estimate, because delivery times heavily depend on developments within the market.

It depends on whether you order stock packaging or custom-made solutions.

The minimum order for stock packaging is 100 pieces.

For custom-made solutions, we have a minimum order threshold of 500 pieces.

Depending on a customer’s product wishes, we delegate production to Europe or Southeast Asia. Most of our carefully selected partners have been our partners for decades.

We deliver by road, land and across the sea, through couriers, trucks, air- and seafreight.

Through courier transport, you can receive a tracking code. With other transportation methods, you will receive a week number (and later date) for an indication of the estimated time of delivery.

You can store your packaging with us in Rijssen (the Netherlands). Contact us for current availability.

Yes, we can print your logo on your packaging! Whether you use 1 or 98 colours, we print them in full colour for you. This and other printing possibilities of course depend on the packaging product and materials. Contact us to discuss your design details.

Yes, we’d love to! Assignments like these make our custom expertise stand out. Send us an email with a sketch or picture of your needed dimensions or a model or of your product, and our designers will start working on a custom packaging solution.

This depends on your wishes. Our products are made with varying production methods, and a wide range of materials.

In our assortment, you can find recycled packaging, products that meet the requirements as directed by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), GRS, Blauer Engel – The German Ecolabel, and FSC certified materials. Ask your Willems advisor for more information on the sustainability certificates of your preferred products.

Through our partnership with Trees for All, we compensate in general for the carbon emissions associated with the production and transport of our packaging.

In comparison with other packaging suppliers, clients of Willem Packaging value the following benefits:

  • Personal advice: a direct line to your advisor, no chatbots
  • Bespoke packaging, even if your product has a “non-standard” shape
  • Reliable quality: over 35 years of experience
  • Production possible in both Europe and Southeast Asia
  • Relatively low minimum order quantity: 100 for in-stock packaging, 500 for custom solutions
  • Wide array of materials and colours
  • Quick delivery times for in-stock packaging: within 24 hours within the Netherlands, within 48 within Europe.
  • Warehousing options for your packaging