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Mono-material packaging for home textile industry

Introducing our sustainable mono-material packaging solutions, tailored to the home textile industry. From paper to felt and cardboard: these eco-friendly materials are quicker and easier to recycle than products composed of multiple materials. They are a suitable packaging option for eco-conscious companies and customers. Get an impression of the products we offer, and request a custom quote to get started.

Mono-material packaging for Home Textiles

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Examples our mono-material packaging products

If you’re looking for a sustainable alternative to multi-material and multi-layer packaging, consider mono. This type of packaging – made from a single material or fibre – is particularly popular due to its ease of recyclability.

From cardboard to cotton, paper to plastic or felt: we’re happy to help you find a mono-material that suits your needs. Below are examples of mono-material packaging that we’ve created for our customers.

If you’re interested in comparable products or a custom design, do contact us for the possibilities.

Mono-materials to choose from

An impression of the mono-material packaging we have on offer, plus a brief intro of each one’s pros and cons for your consideration. Need more advice? Contact us!

Mono-material packaging for Home Textiles


Mono-material packaging for Home Textiles


Mono-material packaging for Home Textiles


Mono-material packaging for Home Textiles


Mono-material packaging for Home Textiles


Custom mono-material packaging options

Create fitting packaging design for your product

A custom-made packaging design perfectly fits your product and reduces your carbon footprint all in one. Here’s how you can customise your mono-material packaging with us:


No matter your required sizes or shapes, we make sure your mono-material packaging fits right.


From paper and cotton to cardboard and felt: choose from our full range of packaging materials to suit your packaging needs.


Our wide colour palette, ranging from 1 to 98 shades, seamlessly complements your branding.


Want your packaging to be simply functional? Or should it be more luxurious and serve as an extra marketing asset? We can assist in creating the packaging that fits your purpose.


Add your logo and other brand identity markers for instant recognition in full lush colours.


In close cooperation with you, we deliver products that meet requirements of relevant sustainability labels. These include GOTS, GRS or Blue Angel – The German Ecolabel certified packaging. Ask us for your product’s options.
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We compensate for the CO2-emissions of production and transportation from our packaging products through a collaboration with Trees for All.

Other, sustainable alternatives to mono-material packaging

While mono-material is hailed as a new sustainable standard for packaging, it may not be the sustainable solution for your business.

For instance, your product may not be compatible with certain types of mono-material packaging, resulting in product damage. And while mono-material packaging can be cost-effective in the long run, the upfront costs of implementing this particular packaging solution may be too high for you now.

But staying on the fence and not making more sustainable choices will leave your business falling behind. We’re happy to explore alternatives with you.

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Mono-material packaging for Home Textiles

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