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Located in the Netherlands, our family business was founded in 1987. We’ve made a name for ourselves by focussing on packaging for business-to-business home textiles, and custom product solutions. Especially that second specialisation has attracted more and more clients from various markets. We aim for the most sustainable quality possible, which you can see reflected in our client relations. Most of our customers have been with us for several decades now – a fact we take pride in! 

With a solid network of suppliers and producers, both in Southeast Asia and Europe, we offer a full range of flexibility in design, numbers, and materials. We can deliver no less than half a million packaging solutions, straight from stock.

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About Us

Improving sustainability in packaging

No matter what materials we use to pack your product, we must consider their impact on the environment. Our planet and your increasingly eco-conscious clients demand it. Although improving sustainability on a grander scale is a complex process and we still have a long way to go, here is how we move towards more sustainable packaging products and processes:

About Us
About Us

Full chain focus

Materials that appear sustainable (“with a brown look”), aren’t always the best for our planet. We don’t blindly focus on looks and keep a critical eye on the full picture: from production to logistics and product properties.

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Certified sustainable packaging solutions

In close cooperation with you, we deliver products that meet requirements of relevant sustainability labels. These include GOTS, GRS or Blue Angel – The German Ecolabel certified packaging.

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Recycling and upcycling through Willems

You may return your used packaging with us for recycling and upcycling.

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CO₂ compensation for production and transport of packaging

We compensate for our CO₂ emissions for production and transport through a cooperation with Trees for All.

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Custom sustainability

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for improving sustainability for your product packaging. We think along about specific packaging issues, and help you improve sustainability of your processes in a way that fits, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

From first sketch to delivery

Here is how we handle your packaging solutions:

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About Us

1. Introduction: charting your needs

Every assignment starts with a full-scale introduction. Because a fitting packaging solution for your company begins at understanding the full scope of your wishes. Should your packaging be part of a luxury unboxing experience? Or be mostly functional and offer protection during transport? A combination of both? Which sustainability options does your budget allow? Our advisors are happy to offer fitting advice.

2. Design: custom packaging solutions

After the introductions, our advisors will start sketching your packaging design. Our custom design process offers you a wide range of options in shapes, sizes, materials, colours, and prints.

Additionally, we also tackle your logistics, local laws and regulations, and cost optimisation. You will receive draft designs of your packaging for final approval.

About Us
About Us

3. Production: your packaging made with care

After you have given the green light, it is time for the next step: production. Depending on your choice, this happens in Europe or Southeast Asia. All our production partners have been carefully selected, with an eye for our high quality standards and focus on customisation.

If requested, we may also send you a sample first. This allows you to test your packaging’s size, quality and design properties in practice.

4. Delivery: where and whenever you want

Time to start shipping! Whether it is within Europe or beyond, through road, sea or air freight. We possess the required logistical knowhow. Delivery times depend on your type of packaging, and production and delivery preferences.

If you want to store your packaging for a while before use, you may choose our warehouse in the Netherlands. Do not hesitate to ask our advisors for the possibilities!

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