Zipper bag with white PP nov-woven


Zipper bag with white PP nov-woven

This storage bag is available from stock in several sizes:

  • 45x65x18 cm
  • 45x65x23 cm
  • 45x65x32 cm

Quantity per box: 100 pieces


Water repellent


Customization possible as well

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Zipper bag with white PP nov-woven

This Zipper bag with white PP nov-woven is ideal for packing and storing duvets. The duvets is optimally protected against dust and dirt. The duvetbag has a white zipper, 2 reinforced rope handles and finished with a white PP non-woven border. This storagebag is available in 3 different sizes and can be ordered as of 1 box. Do you prefer to have a customized pillowbag, where you can also customize the color and materials of the bag in addition to the size? Then contact us without any obligation.

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The Zipper Bag with White PP from Willems Packaging is a versatile and durable solution for storing and transporting various items, particularly suited for duvets. This bag combines LDPE and PP non-woven materials, which ensures that it is not only strong and protective but also breathable and water-repellent. These features make it ideal for keeping contents safe from moisture, dust, and mold while maintaining a clean and fresh appearance.

The bag’s design incorporates a transparent window, enhancing the visibility of the contents, which can be beneficial for retail displays. It is reusable, aligning with sustainable practices by reducing waste. The zipper mechanism provides secure closure, ensuring that items are well-contained during transport or storage.

Moreover, the bag is fully customizable, which allows businesses to adapt the design to fit their branding requirements, including options for size modifications and color choices, adding to its appeal in customer-facing settings.

Zipper bag with white PP nov-woven