Zipper bag for pillow with cord


Zipper bag for pillow with cord

Are you looking for high quality, practical pillow bag that is handy to use? Then look no further. This pillow bag with lanyard is made of LDPE and PP non-woven. You get the best of both materials for a perfect protection of your pillows.

Water repellant


Fully customizable

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Pillow case with lanyard

Protect and store. It is all possible with this practical pillow packaging with lanyard. The pillow bag is of high quality and we guarantee that it offers the right protection. Dirt, dust and mold has no chance and every pillow stays clean and fresh. The lanyard makes the pillow bag easy to transport. The bag closes well because of the sturdy zipper.

Pillow bag of LDPE and PP non-woven

The pillow bag is made of LDPE and non-woven. We would like to explain the advantages of both materials to you. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) has different good properties. It is water repellant, isolating and strong. Frost resistant LDPE is also available. Another important advantage of LDPE is the fact that it is 100% recyclable. The second material used in this pillow bag is non-woven. This material is also known as PP non-woven because it is made of PP (Polypropylene). This material is water repellant, dust free and breathable. PP non-woven is often used in bedding because of it’s great looks and availability in many colours. Printing is also easy, which means you can customize this pillow bag, including a print or embroidery of your – or your customer’s – logo.