Wireframed luxurious pillow bag


Wireframed luxurious pillow bag

With this Luxury PP non-woven zipper bag with a iron wire border, high quality pillows receive just that little bit in terms of presentation. Because of the iron wire border the bag can be nicely presented upright.

Luxury presentation

Printing and / or embroidery

Small numbers possible

Available in different colors

Offer request for:

Pillow bag printed or embroided

This bag can be provided with a print or a beautiful, luxury embroidery. What do you think of a beautiful silver print, that also can be seen on the image? or the logo, a slogan or an image in a different color on the outside of the bag? Whatever you want to see on the outside of the luxury PP non-woven pillow bag, Willems packaging can arrange it for you. There are different sizes available to choose from. And if you choose embroidery, than you will be choosing the best of the best in the area of presentation. Embroidery is namely very sturdy.

PP non-woven for your pillow bag

PP non-woven is the perfect type of material for your pillow bag. The important aspect about PP non-woven (also known as simply ‘non-woven’) is the fact that the material breathes. Important when the packaging of your pillows is made of natural material. This natural material needs air to prevent moisture or mold from building in and on the pillow. In a non-woven pillow bag like this one, all pillows are optimal stored and protected. Because this material is often used for the production of textile packaging, it is also available in many different colors and can be ordered in small numbers. So, it is ideal.

Non-woven pillow packaging

The non-woven pillow packaging has interesting features. For example the earlier mentioned iron wire frame in the bag. This is why you can present the bag (including pillow) Beautifully, because the bag will stay upright. The sturdy zipper ensures easy use. In short: the hygienic, dust free and above all luxury storage of pillows goes perfectly in this luxury non-woven bag. This bag is the perfect choice for both suppliers of pillows and of bed businesses.

Pillow bags on supply

Willems packaging is the supplier for customized luxury pillow bags and other packaging for the textile industry. This of course is apparent with these pillow packages. Do you need pillow bags on short notice? Then you are at the right address. For the standard pillow sizes, we have different packages in supply. In diverse qualities, lining en colors. Check our supply here.