Transport cover for duvet


Transport cover for duvet

During the transportation of duvets, great care is needed in order to not damage the products. This transport cover is ideal for duvets and is made of both PP non-woven (breathable and water repellent) and Oxford (waterproof).


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Transport cover with zipper

A few practical things: the transport cover is equipped with a zip fastener with two zippers. The first zip closes the cover after filling, the second zipper makes it a more compact package to facilitate transport. The transport cover is also equipped with a metal eyelet, suitable for a hook, allowing the cover to also be presented hanging.

Duvet transport-cover for frequent use

The transport covers for duvets are of good quality and guarantee the right protection. It is also a strong cover, very suitable for frequent use. The duvets will have long-lasting protection from dirt, dust, and mold.

Advantages of Oxford and PP non-woven

“Why is the cover made of PP non-woven and Oxford?” you may wonder. Our answer is simple: because these material types combine perfectly, which ensures that your duvets are well protected. Oxford is a sturdy material that is known for its coarse weaving-structure. Because Oxford is so strong, covers made of this material can easily be used several times. PP non-woven is water repellent, with its most important characteristic being that it’s breathable. This is essential when transporting a duvet made of natural materials. Products made from natural materials, such as down and wool, should be able to breathe. This will prevent moisture and mold from forming in and on the duvet.

Wide range of duvet packaging

Do you prefer different packaging for transporting your duvet? That won’t be a problem. As a wholesaler and importer, Willems Packaging offers you a wide range of duvet and pillow packaging, giving you ample choice. That’s why we are the leading packaging specialist in the bedding industry.