Sustainable cotton bag for carpet


Sustainable cotton bag for carpet

This sustainable cotton bag for carpet is made from the durable and organic material cotton, and is ideal for packing rugs. The bag is breathable, washable and reusable many times.






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Sustainable cotton bag for carpet

If you are looking for a environmentally-friendly and stylish way to pack your carpet, look no further than this cotton carpet bag. This sustainable cotton bag will protect your carpet from dust and damage, while also showing your commitment to sustainability and style.

The bag’s material: organic cotton

This bag is made of organic cotton, a natural fiber. Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. This material also uses less water and energy than conventional cotton, and helps prevent soil erosion and biodiversity loss.

A reusable, recyclable packaging solution for carpets

This cotton carpet bag is not only made of eco-friendly material, but also durable, breathable and washable. You can reuse it many times. And when it does reach the end of its life, you can easily recycle it the mono-material that it’s made of.

Customisation options for this sustainable cotton bag for carpet

Want to add some more personality to the bag and promote your brand? Customise the bag with embroidery. Contact us for further custom packaging design options and a quote!

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