Strong and sturdy mattress cover


Strong and sturdy mattress cover

Are you looking for the perfect cover to protect your mattress for easy transport, storage or shipping? Look no further! This mattress cover is both strong and sturdy. Thanks to the material – Oxford – and the helpful webbed handles, you can easily use this cover several times.

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Sturdy transport cover for mattresses

The mattress cover is very sturdy and therefore perfect for storing mattresses. And it doesn’t stop there, shipping mattresses will be even easier with this cover. It is the ideal packaging for mattresses. Because of the webbing handles, the cover is also easy to transport. And lastly, the zipper ensures that the cover is securely closed, protecting the mattress from dust and dirt (among other things).

Mattress cover of Oxford

The mattress cover is made of very strong material: Oxford. Because of this sturdiness, the cover is reusable, making this a durable choice. Another advantage of Oxford is that it allows for printing, even full color. A logo, a text, a slogan, an image… It’s all up to you, and Willems Packaging will be happy to help you. This mattress cover is also available in different colors.

Oxford mattress storage bag

We would like to tell you a bit more about Oxford. This material is widely used in our industry, and that’s no surprise. It is characterized by its coarse weaving structure and is supplied by default with a dense lamination. This makes Oxford water-repellent and robust.

Breathable mattress cover

Of course, it is important for the storage of a mattress that the material is also air-permeable so that the mattress can breathe and moisture and mold cannot have their way. Oxford is often coated, which makes it no longer breathable. However, you can also choose Oxford without this coating. For more information, please contact us.