Storage bag for nursing pillow


Storage bag for nursing pillow

Nursing pillows are used very intensively in a short period of time – during pregnancy and before and after delivery. During that time, it is essential that the pillow retains its quality. By storing the cushion in this sturdy storage bag, it is guaranteed that the quality will be preserved.

Hundred percent recyclable


Fully customizable


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Storage bag for nursing pillow

The transparent storage bag can be fully customized, making every nursing pillow fit with ease. The fact that this bag can be delivered custom made is a big advantage.
At Willems Packaging we are happy to think with you about the implementation of your customer-specific wishes. The zipper also ensures that the bag can be reused several times, but also that dirt, dust and mold do not stand a chance on the pillow. Therefore, this is the ideal storage bag for storing a nursing pillow.

Recycled LDPE is 100% recyclable

This bag for nursing pillows is made from LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene). This material is water resistant, well insulating and very strong. All these properties are important for the highest protection of the nursing pillow. And there is more. LDPE is one hundred percent recyclable, but also available as recycled material, making it a circular packaging. The process starts and ends with materials that can be completely recycled.