Sleeve mattress protector


Sleeve mattress protector

If you sell high-quality mattresses in your shop, you obviously want to protect these mattresses from customers’ dirty shoes while they are trying them out. Dirt and grease affect the quality of the mattress, but these sleeve mattress protectors are designed for exactly that reason.

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Including drawstring

Printing is also possible

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Sleeve mattress protector for in the store

Willems Packaging provides a wide range of custom-made, sustainable packaging for the bedding industry. These sleeve mattress protectors are a great example and perfect for any bedding store. Mattresses are perfectly protected from dirt and grease by the sleeve – made from the sturdy material Oxford. This ensures that the quality of the mattresses is maintained.

Mattress foot protector custom-made

The mattress foot protector can be custom made for you, including printing in four colors. Printing on the sleeve is also possible, which makes the mattress protector fully custom made.

Mattress sleeve of Oxford

Because the sleeve is made of Oxford, it is water-repellent. Even when customers lie on the mattress with wet shoes, the mattress remains well-protected. Oxford is also characterized by its coarse weaving structure with a dense lamination. Please note that this makes Oxford not air-permeable.