Shipping packaging for multiple pillows


Shipping packaging for multiple pillows

Are you looking for shipping packaging for multiple pillows? Take your time considering this bale bag, which stores and transports ten to twelve pillows. The shipping packaging is transparent, very sturdy, dirt and water repellent, and 100% recyclable.

Wrapping or bale bag


100 percent recyclable

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Shipping packaging for multiple pillows

This packaging can also be used as wrapping or as a bale bag for packing multiple pillows. You can fit up to ten to twelve pillows in it. Space shortage? With this bag, we can hardly imagine it.

Plastic shipping-packaging

The plastic packaging is made of LDPE. Although this is plastic, this material is environmentally friendly because LDPE is 100% recyclable. Recycled plastic can be made into new products, giving plastic a second life. Add the other good qualities of LDPE – i.e. water repellent, well insulating and sturdy – and you understand why this packaging is included in the range at Willems Packaging.

Willems Packaging provides a comprehensive range of custom-made shipping packaging solutions tailored to various business needs, ensuring that your products are not only protected during transport but also presented professionally to your clients. Their offerings are designed with flexibility in design, size, and material choice, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your products’ specific requirements.

One of the key advantages of Willems Packaging is their commitment to sustainability. They offer packaging materials that are recyclable and can include certifications like GOTS, GRS, or Blue Angel to meet your environmental goals. This commitment is paired with a customizable design process that allows you to incorporate specific brand colors, logos, and other design elements, enhancing your brand’s visibility and the unboxing experience.

Willems Packaging supports both large and small order quantities and provides global reach with production capabilities in Europe and Southeast Asia. This ensures that they can meet diverse customer needs with flexibility in order quantities and fast delivery options. Their comprehensive service includes personal consultation to tailor the packaging solution that aligns with your logistical and aesthetic requirements.

Shipping packaging for multiple pillows