Round packaging for carpet


Round packaging for carpet

A well-rounded choice for carpet packaging! This round packaging is specifically designed for carpets and rugs. The bag is made of PP non-woven material, making it highly resistant to wear and tear. The packaging features a shoulder strap, transparent window, and an inner pocket.

PP non-woven

Shoulder strap

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Round packaging for carpet

The bag’s material: PP non-woven

PP non-woven – short for polypropylene non-woven – is a versatile material. It is durable and strong, protecting the carpet from damage during transportation and storage. It’s also lightweight and flexible, meaning it can reduce the packaging weight and cost, and adapt to different shapes and sizes of carpets.

Benefits of round packaging for carpets and rugs

One of the benefits of round packaging is that it can save space and reduce waste. It can also minimise the amount of material needed to wrap the product, and thus reduce packaging waste. The round shape may be exactly what your brand needs to catch your customer’s eye!

Special features: shoulder strap, sight window, and inner pocket

Added special features make this bag a well-rounded choice for carpet packaging. The shoulder strap allows you to carry the carpet easily and comfortably. The transparent window lets you see the design and colour of the carpet without opening the packaging. And an inner pocket provides extra space for storing accessories or documents related to the carpet, such as labels, invoices, or certificates.

Customisation options

Want to make sure the packaging perfectly fits your brand’s looks? Contact us for further custom packaging design options and a quote!