Round duvet cover


Round duvet cover

Looking for an alternative to the standard duvet packaging? Discover the benefits of this round duvet cover in purple, a practical choice for any kid’s duvet. This cover is crafted from transparent LDPE, combined with PP non-woven fabric. It’s bound to catch your customers’ eyes in stores!




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Round Cover for a Kid’s Duvet | Cylindrical Packaging Designer

Suited for storage & travel

This cylindrical kids duvet storage cover comes with a zipper and a robust carrying cord, making it a practical choice for every rolled-up child’s duvet. A travel mattress for children fits perfectly in this storage cover too! Besides its practicality, we assure you that the cylinder shape will attract attention in-store. The bag’s size, design, and colour are fully customisable, with printing options available. The choice of customisation is entirely up to you or your customer.

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Recyclable LDPE

The predominant material of this cover is transparent LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene). Known for its water-repellency, insulation, and sturdiness, LDPE is a 100% recyclable, phthalate-free plastic, making it a better choice for the environment.

Breathable PP non-woven

The cover also incorporates purple-coloured non-woven PP (Polypropylene), a robust material ideal for packaging. Non-woven fabric not only looks luxurious, but is also water-repellent and breathable, allowing the duvet or travel mattress to air out, thus preventing suffocation risks and mold formation.

Custom options for your storage cover (B2B)

Willems Packaging, a seasoned producer, supplier, importer, and wholesaler, offers you a vast array of bags and packaging for duvets, pillows, and other bedding items. Interested in this round duvet cover for children’s duvets or travel mattresses? Or would you like to know more about customisation options? Feel free to reach out and share your requirements for the cover.


Round duvet cover