Roll packaging for mattress


Roll packaging for mattress

This roll packaging for a mattress is made of nylon polyester. The packaging is very useful for carrying a mattress while at the same time protecting it from dirt and grease. The bag comes with a drawstring and can also be printed on.

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Including drawstring

Printing is also possible

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Roll packaging for mattress

You can safely store and transport rolled-up mattresses in this roll packaging. The bag closes with a convenient drawstring. And of course, like most of Willems Packaging products, the bag can be printed on. It’s up to you what the exact printing will look like. We would be happy to advise you on this, if you wish. Thanks to our many years of experience, we like to unleash our creativity on the packaging, with a guaranteed nice end result for you or your customer.

Mattress cover of nylon polyester

This mattress cover for a rolled mattress is made from nylon polyester. In contrast to popular belief, this material is not actually bad. Quite the opposite in fact, nylon polyester has good properties, such as abrasion-resistance, anti-creasing, and ease of maintenance. Nylon polyester is also very strong and not susceptible to molding; perfect for packaging mattresses. In addition, nylon polyester does not get dirty quickly, is barely sensitive to discoloration and will hardly lose its strength over time. Because of this, you can easily use the roll packaging several times. A durable choice, indeed.