Roll container cover


Roll container cover

A roll container cover ensures that you can transport and store goods in a roll container – such as bedding or dirty or clean laundry – dust-free. This roll container cover is practical to use and closes with a zipper and / or Velcro.


Multiple materials possible

Can be printed

Fully customizable

Small quantities possible

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Roll container covers

The roll container covers can be fully customized. The cover is functionally in use and can easily be used several times. Roll container covers can also be printed. For example, you can have your own logo or a customer’s logo printed in colour. A beautifully finished roll container cover is good advertising and of course ensures a neat and well-kept appearance and is used a lot in healthcare facilities.

Roll container cover made of nylon, PP non-woven or Oxford

This roll container cover is available in three different materials: nylon, PP non-woven or Oxford. To begin with, nylon is a synthetic fabric with different good properties. (It is low in weight, very strong and water-repellent.) It is low in weight and very strong at the same time. The second type of material is PP non-woven, which is made from PP (Polypropylene). Non-woven is a soft but strong material that feels like a stiff fabric. It is water-repellent, dust-free and breathable. The last material type is Oxford, a sturdy, durable and waterproof material.