Recycled cotton bag, GRS certified


Recycled cotton bag, GRS certified

This recycled cotton bag is made from certified recycled cotton and meets the standards of the GRS certification*. The bag is environmentally friendly and breathable.

Recycled cotton

GRS certified




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* The GRS is an internationally recognised certification for products made from recycled materials. It ensures that the product meets strict sustainability standards, including environmentally friendly production and good working conditions. With the GRS label, you can be confident that you are purchasing a bag that contributes to a circular economy.

Recycled cotton bag, GRS certified

Willems Packaging introduces the perfect combination of sustainability and style with our Recycled Cotton Bag. Made from high-quality recycled cotton and GRS certified, this bag offers an eco-friendly solution for your daily needs.

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Durable Recycled Cotton

Our bag is made from recycled cotton, meaning the material has been reused responsibly. This contributes to reducing waste and preserving natural resources while still maintaining the durability and versatility of cotton.

GRS Certified for Reliability

As a GRS certified product, our bag meets strict standards for the traceability of recycled materials. This ensures you receive a high-quality product that contributes to a more circular economy.

Breathable and Comfortable

The breathable nature of cotton ensures good ventilation of your belongings and protects them from moisture. Whether you’re shopping, heading to the beach, or commuting to work, this bag provides the comfort and convenience you need.

Circular Option

By choosing our recycled cotton bag, you’re opting for circularity. After use, the bag can be easily recycled, allowing the material to be reused and reducing waste.

Environmentally Friendly and Recyclable

Our bag is not only recycled but also fully recyclable. This means that once its lifespan is over, the material can be reused or recycled, making it a sustainable choice for you and the environment.

Choose the Recycled Cotton Bag from Willems Packaging and contribute to a more sustainable world while enjoying the functionality and style you need.

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Recycled cotton bag, GRS certified