Recyclable LDPE bag for mattress


Recyclable LDPE bag for mattress

Looking for a recyclable bag that is suitable for (repeatedly) transporting and moving a mattress? Or for storing extra mattresses? Opt for this LDPE mattress cover, which can easily be used several times and will keep your mattresses well-protected.

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100 percent recyclable

Fully customizable

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Mattress storage cover from recyclable plastic

This is the ideal mattress cover for protecting mattresses during transportation. Mattresses stored in this plastic bag are also protected from dirt and dust. The bag is made of 100% recyclable LDPE: Low Density Polyethylene. Because this plastic is 100% recyclable, it is very environmentally friendly. As you may know, recycled plastic can be made into many new products, giving plastic a second life. And we haven’t even told you the other good qualities of LDPE: LDPE is water-repellent, well-insulating and sturdy, which ensures that every mattress stays perfectly protected – during transportation and storage.