PVC packaging for duvet cover


PVC packaging for duvet cover

You are proud of your beautiful products and would like to present them in a packaging in which they come into their own. In that case, transparent PVC packaging is the right choice. Due to the high transparency, the colours of textiles, such as duvet covers, are very visible.

High transparency

Very strong

Good closure

Fully customizable

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Clear plastic packaging

This plastic packaging is ideal for packing textiles, such as duvet covers, pillow covers and bed sheets. The packaging is made of a sturdy material, PVC, so that the duvet cover is also well protected. The PVC packaging comes standard in a rectangular shape, but can also be made to measure. The package closes with press studs, but can also be provided with Velcro or an adhesive strip. It is also possible to attach a hook to the bag. The choice is yours!


Unfortunately, PVC has a poor reputation in the packaging industry due to past experience. It is good to know that very high demands are being made on the production of PVC packaging. This way the burden on the environment is kept as low as possible. PVC also has a big advantage: it is a clear and transparent material, so that the packaged product is clearly visible. Coloured products such as duvet covers, pillow covers and bed sheets come into their own in a PVC packaging.