Printed cardboard box for pillow


Printed cardboard box for pillow

Custom made, sturdy and circular. These words best describe this standard cardboard box for storing and transporting pillows. The box can also be printed in full color, so that a real unpacking experience is realized.


100 percent recyclable

Full color printing

Tailor made

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Circular pillow packaging

The most important advantage of this pillow packaging? By opting for this relatively standard pillow box, you nevertheless opt for a circular pillow packaging. Cardboard can be broken down by one hundred percent in nature at the end of the life cycle. With this box you not only benefit your own organization, but you also contribute to a better world. In addition, this sturdy and strong cushion package is reusable, making it a sustainable and environmentally conscious choice.

Unpacking experience for pillows

You can have this cardboard box for cushions fully customized – even if you need small quantities. All your customer-specific requirements can be implemented on the pillow packaging, because full-color printing is also possible. This makes the pillow packaging a unique promotional item – for you or for your customer. For example, view the image on this page and be inspired! Of course we at Willems Packaging also like to think along with you about the correct imprint. Together with you we ensure that the packaging becomes a real unpacking experience for the end customer.