PP non-woven spill kit packaging


PP non-woven spill kit packaging

Oilcloths, garbage bags, gloves and truckpacks… What do you want to pack these Spill Kit products into? According to us, the answer to this question is: in this inexpensive, but high-quality Spill Kit package. The packaging is partly made from PP non-woven and partly from LDPE. The combination of these two types of material makes this packaging the ideal choice.


Very strong PP non-woven

Recyclable LDPE

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Strong PP non-woven packaging

This strong packaging is largely made of PP non-woven (often referred to simply as “non-woven”). PP non-woven is water-repellent, dust-free and breathable. Non-woven is also very strong and has an attractive appearance. And the packaging can also be printed with a nice print. A PP Spill Kit package is therefore a good choice – both in terms of material and appearance.

One hundred percent recyclable LDPE

Another part of this packaging is made from transparent LDPE. This material is 100% recyclable. Good for the environment! The combination of the materials non-woven and LDPE – together with the robustness of the packaging and the handy zipper – makes this a sustainable packaging for Spill Kit products.