PP non-woven comforter packaging


PP non-woven comforter packaging

Good protection is important for maintaining the quality of duvets, comforters and sleeping-bags. Are you looking for a reusable comforter packaging? This luxurious PP non-woven comforter packaging is a high quality bag and offer the right protection.




Completely customizable

Small quantities possible

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Non-woven comforter packaging

This sportive packaging helps to store your bedding hygienic. The packaging has a cylinder shape and is therefore also perfect for sleeping-bags. In this packaging they are protected against dirt, dust and fungus. This way they keep clean and tidy while unused. The shoulder-strap ensures an easy carry on travels. The packaging closes well with a drawstring.

Non-woven comforter packaging customized

The comforter packaging is completely customizable, including printing and / or stitching. There are different colours of material – PP non-woven – from which can be choosen. And which specific details you or your customer want to see on the bag, for example a logo or text, it is possible. Furthermore you are free to adjust the shape of the packaging.

PP non-woven comforter packaging

Non-woven is also known as PP non-woven, because it is made of PP (Polypropylene). It is a soft, but strong material which has a stiff touch. Non-woven also has a luxurious look, it’s durable and reusable. The good properties of PP non-woven are easy to enumerate. Among others, the material is water-repellent and dust-free. Furthermore non-woven is breathable: important when you pack products made of natural materials – think of down or wool. These natural materials must be able to air out, in order to prevent moisture and fungus from forming. Comforters, duvets and sleeping-bags are optimally stored and protected in this non-woven comforter packaging.