POS carboard display for pillows


POS carboard display for pillows

Looking for a POS-display in which pillows can be presented firmly but gracefully (for yourself or your customer)? Choose this cardboard display, which fits as many as ten to twelve pillows.


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Cardboard display for pillows

This cardboard display for pillows is ideal for a nice presentation in your shop or that of your customer’s. The sale of pillows is encouraged by this beautiful presentation. Because of its firmness, the POS-display (also known as Point of Sale presentation) also offers excellent protection.

Luxury cardboard POS-display

This luxury POS-display, in the color white, is made of cardboard. This is a biological, environmentally friendly and easy to recycle material. A cardboard display is an excellent choice for any environmentally-conscious company.

Cardboard display in different sizes

The size of the display depends on your wishes. Different sizes are possible, so you can rest assured that the pillows stored in the cardboard display will fit perfectly. Please feel free to contact Willems Packaging to discuss your specific requirements.