Luxury embroidered packaging


Luxury embroidered packaging

In this luxury embroidered packaging you can keep your pillow clean, no matter where. The pillow will be protected against dirt, dust, mold, and moisture by the strong Oxford material. Great thing to know: the pillow bag is provided with a reinforced border.


With fine embroidery

Water repellent

Fully customizable

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Waterproof pillow bag from Oxford

In this waterproof pillow bag, you can hygienically store your pillows. The bag is of good quality and offers the right protection. Furthermore, it’s a strong bag, highly suited for repeated use. Because of this, it is also very durable packaging. All pillows stored in this will be protected against dirt, dust, and mold. And because the material that’s used for this pillow bag – Oxford- is water-repellent, moisture won’t be a danger. Pillows stay clean and neat while they aren’t being used – guaranteed. The pillow bag has a secure outer compartment with a sturdy zipper and two handles for easy carrying.

Pillow bag with embroidery

The special thing about this pillow bag for pillows is that it can be customized with beautiful embroidery. For example, you can consider getting your own logo – or the logo of a customer- embroidered in color. When you decorate the bag in this fine way, it will be great advertisement. Of course, you are free to customize the Oxford pillow bag in regards to the color as well. Keep in mind: if you choose a color that is different from the default, the minimum quantity of bags you need to order will be higher.

Luxury embroidered packaging from Oxford

We would like to tell you more about the material where this luxury embroidered packaging for pillows is made of. First of all, Oxford marks itself through a coarse weaving structure, which makes this a sturdy and very strong material that is reusable. By default, Oxford is delivered with a dense lamination. That’s why Oxford is water-repellent, but not air-permeable. Are you looking for a breathable material for your pillow bag? For example, because you want to store your pillows that are made from a natural material, where breathability is important? We have a great solution for that. Oxford can be supplied with a breathable coating, causing airholes to arise in the material. This way, all your pillows will stay fresh and clean in the packaging.