Luxury cardboard box for pillow


Luxury cardboard box for pillow

Just like comforters and blankets, exclusive pillows deserve exclusive packaging. This cardboard storage box is a good example. The box has that little bit extra, because it is finished with felt and you will find silk paper inside. This ensures a true unpacking experience.

Luxury and exclusive


One hundred percent recyclable

Tailor made

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Luxury storage box with tissue paper

This cardboard box is the perfect choice for transporting or storing exclusive pillows. For extra protection of those pillows, place them on a layer of silk paper. You then close the paper with a seal, which creates a chic look. This sustainable packaging can also be made to measure. Size, print, color: together with Willems Packaging you can achieve a customized box.

Cardboard packaging for pillows

This luxury and exclusive packaging for pillows is made of cardboard. Cardboard is an organic, environmentally friendly and one hundred percent recyclable material. In addition to all other benefits, environmental friendliness is also a good reason to opt for this cardboard packaging. And as previously written, felt has also been incorporated into this cardboard box. That’s not for nothing, because felt is a durable and sturdy material with a modern look.