GOTS Cotton carrier bag


GOTS Cotton carrier bag

This carrier bag is made from cotton that meets the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Thanks to the breathable material, the contents stay fresh and ventilated. The design of the bag can be customised with printing. Available in various colours and sizes.

As the packaging is made from mono-material, it can be easily recycled after its lifespan.







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GOTS Cotton Carrier Bag

The material of the bag: cotton

Cotton is a natural fibre that has many advantages for packaging. It is soft, durable, lightweight and biodegradable. This cotton carrier bag protects your products from dust and moisture, while also allowing them to breathe. Cotton is also easy to wash and reuse, making this an eco-friendly, cost-effective packaging solution.

What does GOTS mean for this packaging?

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. It is a worldwide leading certification for organic textiles. It provides you with sustainability guarantees from Field to Fashion in the textile supply chain, from cultivation to production processes and trade.

By choosing a GOTS cotton carrier bag, you are supporting a sustainable, ethical textile industry.

Customise your GOTS cotton carrier bag

Do you want to add more personality to your GOTS cotton carrier bag? This packaging is fitted for printing and available in multiple colours. Ideal for sustainable promotion of your brand. Contact us for customisation options and a quote!