Felt bag for pillow or quilt


Felt bag for pillow or quilt

Felt bag for pillow or quilts. Perfectly suited if you are looking for reusable promotional packaging. In addition to packaging duvets or pillows, this bag can also be used effectively as a shopper bag or storage bag.

Felt is a sustainable and pure material made from virgin wool. It is breathable, insulating, elastic, grease- and dirt-repellent.




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Felt bag for pillow or quilt packaging

The bag’s material: felt

Felt offers many benefits for packaging your products. This textile is made from natural or synthetic fibers that are matted, condensed, and pressed together. Its protective properties may just make this the ideal felt bag for pillow or quilt packaging.

Breathable, elastic, and dirt-repellent

Felt allows air to flow through the fabric and prevents the accumulation of moisture, mould, and odours inside the bag, thanks to its breathability. It can also regulate the temperature of your products and keep them warm or cool depending on the environment, thanks to its insulation. Moreover, it can adapt to the shape of your products and cushion them from impact and damage, thanks to its elasticity. Furthermore, it can repel stains and spills that can ruin your products, thanks to its grease- and dirt-repellency.

A sustainable packaging choice

This felt bag for pillow or quilt packaging can be reused multiple times without losing its functionality or appearance. Felt is biodegradable, meaning that it can decompose naturally without harming the environment. When the bag does reach its end of life cycle, it can be recycled into new products.

Customisation options

This felt bag is not only suitable for packaging pillows or quilts: it can also be used as a storage bag or promotional shopper bag. Want to add some more personality to the bag and promote your brand? Contact us for further custom packaging design options and a quote!