Feeding pillow bag


Feeding pillow bag

Are you looking for a high-quality bag for yourself or your customer in which nursing pillows can be stored? This storage bag is the right choice. The pillow bag is made of PVC and is very clear and transparent. In addition, PVC is also water resistant because it consists of both PP non-woven (breathable and water-repellent) and Oxford (water resistant). An ideal combination!

Water resistant


Fully customizable

Very clear

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Cushion packaging for nursing pillows

Nursing pillows are used extensively by women both before, during and after delivery and must therefore maintain their good quality at all times. That is why the right solution for protecting, storing and saving these cushions is necessary. This practical, durable storage bag – which can also be fully customized – offers that solution. In the bag, dirt, dust and mold don’t stand a chance thanks, in part, to the zipper that allows the bag to be closed properly.

Nursing pillow storage bag

The nursing pillow bag is made of PVC. PVC is frequently used when it comes to packaging. This is because PVC is very clear and transparent and this makes what is in the packaging clearly visible. PVC is also very strong and water resistant. All these properties are important for the optimum protection of the nursing pillow. PVC is also 100% recyclable.

Durable nursing pillow storage bag

With the use of PVC, you can easily use this packaging several times and is therefore a sustainable packaging. The material is strong and has a good appearance, and this nursing pillow storage bag is also the right addition to responsible storage.