Exclusive lined Oxford bag


Exclusive lined Oxford bag

Are you looking for an exclusive Oxford duvet bag with inner lining? Look no further, because you will find this in the assortment of Willems Packaging. This lined duvet packaging is very strong and because of that can be reusable.


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Oxford duvet packaging

Willems Packaging is specialized in the customization of packaging for bed linen.
Moreover the packages are also available in small amounts and include a print of your logo. Although these Oxford duvet packaging preferably get delivered with lining – namely: for the preservation of the duvets – the bag can also be bought without lining.

Oxford duvet bag water repellent

The duvet bag is of a good quality and offers the right protection. It is a strong bag, that is very suitable and can be reused. The duvet is protected against dirt, dust and mold. Because the Oxford duvet bag is water repellent, humidity is not a problem. Duvets are guaranteed to stay fresh and clean while not being used.
The bag can be closed with a sturdy zipper and has two carrying handles for ease of use.

Storage bag for duvets

The special thing about this storage bag for duvets is that the one can be personalized with a beautiful printing or a beautiful embroidery. For example, you can get your own logo -or the logo of a customer -embroidered in color. This will make the bag not only something you need, but also an eyecatcher. Especially when you use the bag to store the duvets in your shop or hotel, or when you lend out duvets, a beautiful finish is a great advertisement. You are also free to customize the Oxford duvet bag in regards to the color. Keep in mind, if you choose a color that is different than the standard, then the minimum number of bags you need to order will be higher.

Oxford Pillow bag

Oxford is characterized by a coarse weave structure. It is a sturdy material that is by default delivered with a closed lamination. This ensures that Oxford is water repellent, but not air permeable. Oxford can be supplied with a breathable coating. And because Oxford is very strong, it can easily be reused.