Cylinder bag for roll-up duvet


Cylinder bag for roll-up duvet

Do you want to package your duvet in another way then the standard way? Choose for this cylinder shaped edition. This cylinder bag is made of transparant LDPE in combination with PP non-woven.

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Cylinder bag with a zipper

The bag is printed on one of the round sides with one color. You can choose for yourself which color you want this to be. You can choose out of six different colors. In addition, the Cylinder bag is also provided with a zipper and a strong carrying handle.

Round packaging of LDPE en PP non-woven

For every rolled up duvet this is a practical en transparent cylinder bag. This bag is not only unique because it is practical. We guarantee that the cylinder shape will stand out in the shop. The bag is customizable in terms of size, lining and color. The choice is completely up to you or your customer.

Recyclable LDPE

The Biggest part of the zipper bag is made of transparent LDPE. LDPE stands for Low Density Polyetheen. This material has several advantageous properties. It is water-repellent, sturdy and isolates well. Another important benefit of LDPE is that it is a hundred percent recyclable. LDPE is namely phthalate free plastic, which is why it is better for the environment.

Breathable PP non-woven

The bag also contains PP non-woven, that is made from PP (polypropyleen). This material is ideal to make strong, sturdy packages. Non-woven also has a (more) luxurious appearance. The good properties of non-woven are that it is water repellent and air permeable. For this reason the duvet can get air, which can prevent suffocation and the build up of mold. Of course it also helps that the zipper ensures a good closure. Another benefit of PP non-woven is that it is available in many different colors. There will always be a color to your liking available.

Your cylinder shaped bag is customized.

As producer, supplier, importer and wholesaler,Willems Packaging offers a wide assortment on bags en packaging voor duvets, but also for pillows and other linen. Are you interested in this cylinder bag, but are you just looking for ‘just a little bit different’? That´s possible! Feel free to contact us and let us know how to make the cylinder shaped bag ‘different’ for you.