Crib mattress storage cover


Crib mattress storage cover

When storing and transporting children’s mattresses, ensuring cleanliness, hygiene, and efficiency is essential. This crib mattress storage cover, crafted with a blend of PP non-woven and 100% recyclable LDPE, offers the perfect blend of durability and eco-friendliness to meet your needs.

100% recyclable

Very strong


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Crib mattress storage cover | Children’s mattress packaging

100% recyclable and reusable

Children’s mattress packaging: Protect, store, and save

This versatile crib mattress storage cover ensures every mattress stays pristine, protected from dirt, dust, and mold. Available in multiple colours, it’s also customisable with high-quality printing options. The cover’s quality construction guarantees excellent protection, while the integrated carrying handles and strong zipper enhance practicality and ease of transport.

PP non-woven and LDPE material: A sturdy combination

The storage cover is crafted from a blend of transparent LDPE and colored non-woven material. LDPE is known for its water repellency, insulation, and strength, making it an ideal choice for mattress storage. It’s also frost-resistant and 100% recyclable. The non-woven portion, made from PP (Polypropylene), adds to the cover’s appeal with its water-repellent, dust-free, and breathable qualities, crucial for maintaining the mattress’s integrity.

A crib mattress storage cover tailored to your needs

As a seasoned manufacturer, supplier, importer, and wholesaler, Willems Packaging offers a vast array of bags and packaging solutions, not limited to crib mattress covers but extending to various bedding and textile products. Interested in this crib mattress storage cover or seeking customisation options? Don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your specific requirements with us​.