PP non-woven cover for wedding attire


PP non-woven cover for wedding attire

This cover for wedding clothes is made of PP non-woven and can be reused often. The bag provides hygienic storage for valuable clothing, is breathable, and sustainable.

PP non-woven





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PP non-woven cover for wedding attire

Protect and preserve your wedding attire with our high-quality PP Non-Woven Cover, offered by Willems Packaging. This cover is specially designed to safely and stylishly store your precious wedding dress or suit.

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PP Non-Woven Material

Our cover is made of PP (Polypropylene) non-woven material, known for its durability and strength. The material provides optimal protection for your wedding attire against dust, dirt, and light damage.

Hygienic and Breathable

Thanks to the breathable nature of the non-woven material, your wedding attire remains fresh and airy while being stored hygienically. This ensures that your wedding attire is ready for the big day, without worries about unwanted odors or moisture.

Reusable and Durable

Our cover is not only reusable but also highly durable. The high-quality PP non-woven material ensures that the cover lasts long and withstands frequent use, making it a wise investment for your wedding attire.

Practical and Versatile

This cover is not only suitable for storing wedding dresses and suits but can also be used for other garments such as evening gowns, suits, or formal outfits. With its generous dimensions, almost any wedding dress or suit can fit effortlessly into the cover.

Choose Willems Packaging’s PP Non-Woven Cover for Wedding Attire and ensure optimal protection, hygiene, and durability for your precious wedding attire.


PP non-woven cover for wedding attire