Cotton storage bag for duvet


Cotton storage bag for duvet

Storing comforters can be tricky, especially if you or your customer have little storage space. In order to stop dirt and dust and to ensure that the quality of the comforter and the filling is maintained, it is also important that comforters are stored in the right way. In this cotton storage bag for comforters, bedding is guaranteed to be hygienically stored.


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Cotton comforter storage bag

the storage bag has cords, a reinforcement of iron wire and an insert for a product card. These features ensure that the bag is always a good choice. The comforter in this cotton package is also protected against dirt and dust. A sturdy zipper ensures that the package is completely closed. The storage bag is available in different colours and shapes. Are there specific details that you or your client want to see on the bag? No problem, this comforter storage bag can be delivered custom made.

Cotton comforter packaging

Cotton is a natural material and is therefore ideal for the packaging of (down) comforters. Cotton is also a sustainable, organic and recyclable material, and therefore an environmentally-friendly choice. Another important advantage of cotton is that it is easy to print and embroider. The material is even suitable for detailed prints. Thus the comforters package is not only a necessary item, but a real eye catcher. For the finish – think of the cords and the piping – you can opt for cotton, but other materials are also possible. Choose the finish for matching colours or for different colours, for extra contrast. Finally, organic cotton is also possible, for fully sustainable packaging.