Cotton bag GOTS


Cotton bag GOTS

An organic, breathable bag, made of cotton. It meets the GOTS certificate, which is an internationally recognised standard for organic textiles. This specific packaging is often used to package children’s textiles.





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Cotton bag GOTS

The bag’s material: cotton

Cotton is a natural fibre that has many advantages for packaging. It is soft, durable, lightweight and biodegradable. Cotton bags can protect your products from dust and moisture, while also allowing them to breathe and maintain their quality. Cotton bags are also easy to wash and reuse, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective packaging option.

Breathable and recyclable packaging

This cotton bag GOTS is breathable, meaning that it allows air to circulate through the fabric. It helps prevent mould, mildew and odours from developing inside the bag, which can damage your products or affect their appeal. The breathability also helps regulate the temperature and humidity inside the bag, keeping your products fresh and comfortable.

Because this cotton bag GOTS is made of mono-material, it is more easily recyclable than packaging composed of multiple materials.

Customisation options for this Cotton bag GOTS

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