Carton box for carpet


Carton box for carpet

This carton box for carpet and rugs has the FSC certification and is easily recyclable. The packaging is strong, making it suitable for transportation, and can also be customised to your wishes with printing.

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Carton box for carpet

The bag’s material: carton

Ideal if you want a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for the packaging of carpets. Carton is lightweight, flexible, and versatile. It can be cut, folded, glued, and printed to create different shapes and sizes of boxes.

FSC-certified carton

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification means that material used to make this carton packaging comes from a responsibly managed forest.

Easy to recycle

This carton box is made of mono-material, meaning it is composed of only one type of material. This makes it easier to recycle and reduces waste.

Want to customise this carton box for carpet?

Carton packaging can be customised with prints to promote your brand. Add your logo, text or any other design and make your packaging stand out! Contact us for further custom packaging design options and a quote.