Carrier bag for latex pillow


Carrier bag for latex pillow

Are you or your customer looking for a high quality pillow bag for latex pillows? This carrying bag is the right choice. The durable pillow bag is made of both PP non-woven (breathable and water repellant) and Oxford (waterproof). An ideal combination.

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Pillow casing for latex pillows

Latex pillows are elastic, durable and shape-retaining. They deserve the right solution for protecting and storing. It’s all possible using this handy, durable carrying case. There is no chance for dirt, dust and fungi on your latex pillows in this pillow case. The handles make this pillow case easy to transport. The sturdy zipper makes it possible to close the bag.

Pillow bag made of LDPE and PP non-woven

This carrying bag is made of LDPE and PP non-woven. You get the best of both materials for a perfect protection of your latex pillows. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) is water repellant, isolating, and strong. All of these properties are important to the optimal protection of the pillows. Furthermore, LPDE is 100% recyclable. The other material used is PP non-woven. This material is made of PP (polypropylene) and is water repellant, dustfree and breathable. PP non-woven is used in bedding for a reason: it’s a beloved material because of its breathability. Your latex pillows will maintain their quality in this case.

Durable pillow carrying case

These materials make the carrying case durable. The material is strong and looks good. This case is a great addition in terms of responsible packaging. The carrying case is a sturdy and reusable packaging because of the use of LDPE and PP non-woven, wherein pillows and other products can be stored multiple times. This makes the case a durable packaging.