Canvas pillow carrier bag


Canvas pillow carrier bag

Are you looking for environmentally-friendly pillow packaging that is well-suited for promotional purposes? Discover the benefits of this durable, canvas pillow bag with handles made of canvas cotton.


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Fully customizable

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Canvas pillow bag for (head)pillows

This pillow bag is of good-quality canvas and always provides the right protection for your (head)pillows, or that of your customer’s. It’s a sturdy bag, perfect for repeated use and therefore quite durable. The sturdy pillow bag has helpful handles for ease of wear, also made of canvas.

Pillow bag printing

Another advantage: the pillow packaging can be produced entirely according to your wishes. Printing on the packaging? Not a problem! With the right printing, the bag is suitable for promotional purposes. Your logo, slogan or corporate identity – or that of your customer – will be carried around on the arm, acting as a mobile billboard. This makes the printed pillow-packaging a good promotional tool for your brand or that of your customer.

Canvas pillow bag

As mentioned above, the bag is made of a strong, natural cotton fabric – canvas – which allows for frequent use of the bag. Organic canvas is also available, for a fully-functional, great-looking and durable packaging. Good to know: canvas is ideal for packaging and storing bed textiles of natural materials, including pillows. Tip: this durable, reusable pillow bag can also be used for storing and transporting (small) duvets and blankets.