PVC and black PP non-woven tote bag


PVC and black PP non-woven tote bag

This zipperbag has a frontpanel with an inside pocket for a productinformation card. The backpanel is made of black PP non-woven. A breathable and water-repellent fabric. Furthermore, the bag has 2 reinforced rope handles and a black zipper. This model is available from stock in the size 62×62 cm.

Quantity per box: 100 pieces

MOQ 100 pieces


With zipper

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PVC and black PP non-woven tote bag

This pillowbag is ideal for packing and storing sleepingpillows. The pillow is optimally protected against dust and dirt. An extra inside pocket in the frontpanels makes sure the productinformation card stays in it’s position, this makes the packaging and you product look neather and more professional. The zipperbag has a black zipper, 2 reinforced rope handles and finished with a black PP non-woven border. This pillowbag is available in the size 62×62 cm and can be ordered as of 1 box. Do you prefer to have a customized pillowbag, where you can also customize the color and materials of the bag in addition to the size? Then contact us without any obligation.

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The Black PP Non-Woven Tote Bag from Willems Packaging offers a stylish and durable solution for a variety of packaging needs. This bag is crafted from polypropylene non-woven fabric, making it strong and suitable for repeated uses. Its design can be fully customized, including options for different sizes and the addition of logos or other branding elements through printing processes. This versatility makes it perfect not only for retail use but also for promotions and events where a robust, reusable bag adds value to the user experience. Ideal for those looking for an eco-friendly option, the non-woven material is also noted for its environmental benefits, being both reusable and often made from recycled materials.

PVC and black PP non-woven tote bag