A sustainable solution for your packaging

Eco-friendly packaging

At Willems Packaging, we embrace a greener future with our eco-friendly packaging. Each design is infused with sustainable materials and smart innovations, through which together we strive for a world where packaging is not only practical, but also friendly to the environment. Discover the power of packaging with care for the planet at Willems Packaging.

The possibilities of unique eco-friendly packaging

At Willems Packaging, discover the limitless possibilities of unique eco-friendly packaging that sets your product apart. We understand that presentation is as important as content. That is why we offer tailor-made packaging solutions that not only attract attention but also reflect the essence of your brand. Make your products stand out with the creative possibilities our unique packaging designs have to offer.

Eco-friendly packaging

Our eco-friendly packaging

Our recyclable duvet packaging products are made of biodegradable, compostable or renewable materials. Consider paper, cardboard or cotton. These are materials that consumers can easily recycle. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages Our expert team will be happy to advise you on the best options for your product, budget and target audience.

A household name at home and abroad for more than 35 years

Willems Packaging has over 35 years of experience in providing high-quality, tailor-made packaging solutions for the home textile and bedding industry. You can count on us to think with you about practical issues such as foldability and compression, breathability and ventilation, shop presentation, sizes and shapes, and sustainability aspects.

Eco-friendly packaging

Sustainable packaging

Our commitment to the environment is reflected in every packaging solution we provide. From recyclable materials to energy-efficient production, we strive to minimise our impact on the planet. Discover how our sustainable packaging solutions not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also contribute to the positive growth of your business. Choose packaging that is good for both your product and our planet, choose sustainability with Willems Packaging.

About Willems Packaging

Our family business has been based in the Netherlands since its inception in 1987. We have become “big” in packaging for business-to-business home textiles and customised product solutions. Mainly because of the latter, more and more companies from various markets are finding us. We go for quality and sustainability, also in our customer relations. Most companies have been customers with us for decades – we are proud of that!

With a solid network of suppliers and manufacturers – from both Southeast Asia and Europe – we offer you plenty of flexibility in designs, quantities and materials. As many as half a million packs are available from stock as standard.

Eco-friendly packaging

Customisation options:
less waste
Certified sustainable

Which eco-friendly packaging fits best? We are happy to help.

Quick answers to frequently asked questions
Eco-friendly packaging FAQ

Of our packaging products, you are often allowed to test a sample first. Bear in mind that there may be a cost for this if you want to try a custom design. Ask us about sample possibilities in advance.

Besides investing in future-proof packaging for the planet, recyclable duvet packaging can help you to:

  • reduce your ecological footprint
  • help save on waste disposal costs and taxes
  • attract eco-conscious customers willing to pay more for sustainable products

Recyclable duvet packaging, while good for the environment, can have a few drawbacks. For example, the initial cost of recyclable packaging materials may be higher than plastic or non-recyclable options. Also, recyclable packaging may require a bit more storage space than its plastic counterparts. Furthermore, looking at sustainability and protection during transport, recyclable packaging may be less sturdy than plastic or non-recyclable alternatives. Furthermore, looking at sustainability and protection during transport, recyclable packaging may be less sturdy than plastic or non-recyclable alternatives. Finally, certain types of quilts or filling materials may not be compatible with recyclable packaging. This poses a challenge in finding suitable packaging solutions.

If recyclable packaging turns out not to be the right choice after all, we offer you other sustainable packaging options.

Our standard delivery times for packaging are:

  • from stock, delivery within Europe: 1-3 working days
  • new production and delivery within Europe: 4-6 weeks
  • New production and delivery from Asia to Europe: 10-14 weeks

Please contact us for a more precise estimate, as delivery times are strongly linked to market developments.

That depends on whether you order packaging from stock or custom-made.

For packs from stock, a minimum of 100 pieces applies.

For custom-made packaging, we apply a minimum order quantity of 500 pieces per order.

We have packaging produced in Europe and Southeast Asia, depending on customer demand. We have been working with most of these carefully selected partners for decades.

Wij bezorgen over de weg, over land en over zee, met koeriers, trucks, lucht- en zeevracht.

You can get a tracking number via courier delivery. For other transport options, you will receive a week number (and later date) for an indication of delivery.

You can have your packaging stored with us in Rijssen (Netherlands) by arrangement. Contact us for the possibilities.

Yes, you can have your logo printed on the packaging! Whether you use 1 or 98 colours, we print them for you in full colour. These and other printing options depend on the type of packaging product and material you choose. Contact us and talk through your design wishes with us.

Yes you can, gladly even! In such designs, our customisation expertise comes in handy. E-mail us a sketch of the desired size/model, sample photo, or send us your product. Our designers then get to work on a suitable packaging solution.

This depends on the wishes you have. Our products are made using a variety of production methods and from different materials.

In our range, you will find recycled packaging products that meet the requirements as prescribed by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), GRS, Blauer Engel – The German Ecolabel, and FSC-certified materials. Ask your Willems advisor for more information on the sustainability certificates of your specific preferred product.

Centrally, we offset CO2 emissions for the production and transport of our packaging through a partnership with Trees for All.

Compared to other packaging parties, Willems Packaging customers especially value:

  • Personalised advice: direct contact with your adviser, not a chatbot
  • Tailor-made packaging, even if your product has a “different” shape
  • Reliable, quality party: active for 35+ years
  • Production possible in both Europe and Southeast Asia
  • Relatively small minimum order quantity: 100 units for packaging from stock, 500 units custom-made
  • Wide choice of materials and colours
  • Packaging from stock quick delivery: within 24 hours in NL, within 48 hours in Europe.
  • Storage facilities for your packaging