Zipper bag made of LDPE with PP non-woven for duvets


Zipper bag made of LDPE with PP non-woven for duvets

Are you looking for a bag that’s ideal for selling, storage and transport of duvets? Than this zipper bag is the right choice for you. The front and back of the bag are made out of transparent LDPE, therefore the duvet and the corner ribbon are clearly visible. The other sides of the bag are made out of breathable PP non-woven.


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Zipper bag with transparent LDPE with PP non-woven

This zipper bag is especially designed for duvets. It is a transparent and strong packaging, with carrying cords. Very simple, that’s why the bag is easy to use. And that’s not all: the bag is reusable en that’s why it is a sustainable packaging for the duvets from you or your customers. In other words: this is the perfect bag for selling, storage en/or the transport of your duvets.

Recyclable LDPE

The biggest part of this zipper bag is manufactured out of LDPE. LDPE is a abbreviation for Low Density Polyetheen. This material has several good properties. It is water repellent, well isolated and sturdy. Another important benefit of LDPE is that it is one hundred percent recyclable.

Breathable PP non-woven

The other sides of the bag are made out of non-woven. This is more commonly known as PP non-woven, because it is made out of PP (Polypropyleen). This material is ideal to make strong, sturdy packaging. Non-woven also has a Luxury appearance. The good properties of non-woven, among other things, is that it is water repellent and breathable.
Therefore this the duvet can air, which prevents suffocation en the build up of mold. Of course it also helps that the zipper seals it properly. Another benefit for your PP non-woven is that it is available in many different colors. There is always a color available to your liking.

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