Wireframed PP non-woven packaging


Wireframed PP non-woven packaging

This PP non-woven packaging for pillows en duvets is provided with a laminated printing on the back and front. For this reason the bag has a robust appearance. Iron wire in the packaging ensures extra strenght.




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Advantages PP non-woven

This bag is made out of unlaminated PP non-woven. That is consciously done, because the material has various benefits. The key benefit: PP non-woven ensures the bag is breathable, that is very important when the pillow and the duvet has a natural filling and is being stored. You can think of down or wool.

Non-woven packaging

The non-woven packaging also has interesting features. For example, the previously mentioned iron wire in the bag. Which makes the bag very sturdy. You can also place a product card on the side of the bag. For this reason you will find a pocket on the bag. The sturdy zipper ensures easy use. And the bag is finished with a beautiful printed label with a guarantee card.

Customized PP non-woven zipper bag

The possibilities for this customization are virtually endless for this packaging. What do you think of a full color laminated printing, such as the logo, a slogan or an image on the outside of the package? Whatever you want to see on this PP non-woven zipper bag, Willems packaging will arrange it for you. There are various sizes available for you to choose out of.

Storage bag for pillows and duvets

If you want to store pillows and duvets hygienically, that is possible with this non-woven bag. This bag is the perfect choice for suppliers of pillows and duvets and also for bed businesses and hotels. All products are protected in the non-woven storage bag against dirt and dust.

PP non-woven: water repellent, dust free and breathable

The material of the bag – PP non-woven – certainly contributes to this. Previously on this page you read something about this. although non-woven is soft, it is very strong. The key characteristics are the luxury appearance and the fact that it is water repellent, dust free and breathable. Thanks to these characteristics, this PP non-woven zipper bag prevents moisture and mold from forming in or on the duvet or pillow.