White zipper bag with iron wiring for duvets, blankets and pillows


White zipper bag with iron wiring for duvets, blankets and pillows

A breathable zipper-bag for the storage and transportation of duvets, blankets, and pillows. That is what this packaging best entails. A piping of iron wiring in the zipper bag provides extra firmness, allowing you to present the white bag neatly upright.

Water repellent



Fully customizable

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PP non-woven: ideal for natural materials

First of all, this packaging is made of PP non-woven. This is a common material in the bedding industry. At Willems Packaging – the leading supplier of custom made luxury pillow bags and other packaging for the textile industry – we know this like no other. The main advantage of PP non-woven is that it is breathable, which is extremely important when the pillow, blanket or duvet contained in it has a natural filling – down or wool, for example. The breathable material ensures that there is no moisture or mold forming in or on the duvet, blanket or pillow.

Printed zipper bag for duvets, blankets, and pillows

The zipper bag is also equipped with a piping of iron wire lining, which makes the bag very sturdy. The bag is produced in white by default, but other colors are available on request. And as you can see from the picture, printing on the zipper bag is also a possibility for you. A logo, a slogan, an image … Whatever you choose, a print will add a nice finishing touch to the bag. We highly recommend this promotional, reusable and durable packaging.