White travel pillow bag with black print border


White travel pillow bag with black print border

This water-repellent pillow packaging can be custom made, which makes it the perfect packaging for storing and transporting travel pillows. The bag is made in the color white and has a contrasting black lining.




Fully customizable

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Breathable pillow-bag

The travel-pillow bag – with black lining – is made from PP non-woven. This material, also known as non-woven, has several advantages for storing and transporting pillows. It is water-repellent and sturdy. And the main advantage is that PP non-woven allows the bag to be breathable, which is very important when the stored travel pillow has a natural filling of, for example, down. Because of the breathability of the pillow bag, no moisture or fungus can form in or on the pillow.

Non-woven pillow bag printing

This non-woven pillow bag is also interesting, aesthetically speaking. Not just because of the striking black lining, but also because of how PP non-woven allows for excellent printing. It’s not surprising that this material is frequently used for packaging pillows, but also duvets, blankets, and other bedding. By printing on the bag, you can make the pillow bag to suit your needs – or your customer’s needs. Tip: Willems Packaging has printed thousands of bags over the years and would like to share some inspiration with you.