White opaque clip-close handle carrier bags with print, recyclable and reusable


White opaque clip-close handle carrier bags with print, recyclable and reusable

Are you looking for a natural, reusable and durable packaging for your duvets? This white, clip-close carrier bag equipped with a resealable handle might be the right choice for you. This carrier bag is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

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Duvet packaging of high quality

Do you need to (for a longer time) store duvets? Or do you have customers who need to? It is important to use high-quality duvet packaging, like this opaque duvet carrier bag, for storing. Only a bag of good quality like this carrier bag will ensure the lasting quality of the duvet and filling. For practicality, this carrier bag features a sealed handle which opens and closes using a clip-close system. These handles are made of white HDPE – very strong High Density Polyethylene. This makes the bag reusable and durable.

Clip-close handle carrier bag for duvets

The carrier bag is offered in both transparent and colored models. The handles are available in various lengths, models and colors. In short, this clip-close handle carrier bag can be fully customized.

Carrier bag: recyclable and biodegradable

This carrierbag has three major advantages:

  • the bag is recyclable;
  • the bag is biodegradable;
  • and the bag is printable.

You will support a better environment, while, with the right print, you will also advertise your or your customer’s organization. In addition to print a logo or text, you can even opt for a full image. We will make your creative ideas into reality. Would you like to know more? As producer and wholesaler of clip-close handle carrier bags, Willems Packaging is the leading specialist helping you with the right packaging for your duvets. Please do not hesitate to contact us.