Travel bag for pillow, made of cotton


Travel bag for pillow, made of cotton

This durable travel bag for pillows is a reusable and hygienic packaging solution. The bag is made of cotton, a natural fabric that is soft yet strong. Cotton is also breathable, allowing the packaging to breathe. This keeps the pillow dust-free, fresh, and ready for use.







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Travel bag for pillow

The bag’s material: cotton

Cotton is a natural fibre that has many advantages for packaging. It is soft, durable, lightweight and biodegradable. Cotton bags can protect your products from dust and moisture, while also allowing them to breathe and maintain their quality. Cotton bags are also easy to wash and reuse, making them eco-friendly and cost-effective.

A hygienic pillow packaging solution

This travel bag for pillows is designed for optimal hygiene during transport. It keeps pillows clean and comfortable, while also protecting them from dirt and stains. Moreover, it allows the pillows to breathe, preventing moisture, mould and odours affecting the contents. This travel bag for pillows ensures that your pillows stay fresh, wherever they go.

Customisation options for this travel bag for pillows

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