Transparent, recyclable spill kit bag with handle


Transparent, recyclable spill kit bag with handle

Are you looking for the perfect bag for packaging and storing Spill Kit products? This plastic bag is made from 100% recyclable LDPE. The LDPE handle is easy to close, by means of pressure closing points (clip close).



100% recyclable


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Hundred percent recyclable LDPE

We would like to tell you something about the material this durable Spill Kit bag is made of: LDPE. LDPE is short for Low Density Polyetheen. This is one hundred percent recyclable plastic and therefore very environmentally friendly. Why? Because many new products are made from recycled plastic. So you do not release new plastic into the environment, but give the plastic a second life. In addition, it is also possible to opt for recycled LDPE at the start, which makes the process even more circular. Add to that the other good properties of LDPE – such as: waterproof, well insulating and sturdy – and you understand why we wholeheartedly recommend this bag for storing all your Spill Kit products.