Transparent PVC bag with push button


Transparent PVC bag with push button

Are you looking for transparent packaging for yourself or your client for storing and especially presenting duvet covers? Look no further, because this packaging is made from durable PVC and is reusable. Due to the clarity, the duvet cover is also clearly visible, which gives the sale a good appearance.

Practical use

Clear and transparent


With inner compartment

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Reusable packaging for duvet cover

This resealable and reusable packaging is ideal for promotional use. As stated in the intro of this page, the duvet cover is clearly visible in this transparent package. This sways the customers in your store to purchase the duvet cover. The bag also closes with simple but handy snap fasteners and is therefore very practical to use.

Custom made packaging with inner compartment

The packaging has a useful inner compartment. Here you can, for example, place a leaflet with information about your company or about the duvet cover. The bag also becomes custom made for your organization thanks to the leaflet or brochure that you place in the inner compartment. You can have your corporate identity reflected in this. It’s not without reason that this packaging is very well-suited for promotional use.

Duvet cover made of PVC

The duvet cover packaging is made of transparent PVC and is therefore ideal for use as in-store promotional packaging. PVC is a very clear and transparent material, which is also very strong and sturdy. This makes it suitable for presenting different products in, for example, stores or shop windows. The customer can easily grasp the product and view it without damaging or destroying the packaging.

Wide range of duvet cover, comforter and pillow packaging

Would you prefer a different package for your duvet covers? That’s no problem either. As a wholesaler and importer, Willems Packaging offers you a wide range of duvet cover, duvet and pillow packaging. It is not without reason that we are the packaging specialist in the field of packaging for the bed industry.