Transparent pillow bag with blue PP non-woven fabric and zipper


Transparent pillow bag with blue PP non-woven fabric and zipper

Protected storage is important for the preservation of pillows. Are you looking for a sustainable pillow bag that can be reused? Then have a look at this transparent pillow bag with a zipper closing. This bag is largely made of blue non-woven PP, which gives it a luxurious and fresh look.




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Practical transparent pillow bag

Firstly, this pillow bag is extremely practical. And that is crucial, because a pillow bag is of course intended to protect pillows from dirt, dust and mold. The sturdy zipper ensures that the bag is closed properly and that dust cannot penetrate. The straps ensure easy carrying. Inside you will also find a compartment where, for example, a brochure or leaflet can be stored. This bag is therefore a good solution for pillow suppliers, bedding companies and hotels. Do you need pillow packaging quickly? This transparent pillow bag is in stock and available now.

Pillow bag made of breathable non-woven PP

In addition to functionality, design is also an important element. Since the bag is largely transparent, the contents are clearly visible. The blue piping, made of breathable non-woven PP, completes the look. Non-woven PP is a soft but strong material that is not only water-repellent but also breathable. This is a perfect feature for a pillow bag, since most pillows are made of natural materials. Non-woven PP is also available in other colors. Would you rather choose another color than blue? Feel free to contact Willems Packaging for your options.