Transparent mattress cover with cord, custom-made


Transparent mattress cover with cord, custom-made

That children’s mattresses are stored and transported properly, safely and hygienically is essential for maintaining the quality of these mattresses. This transparent cover could be the right choice for your mattress because it is made from 100% recyclable LDPE plastic. In other words, sustainable packaging.

One hundred percent recyclable

Very strong


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Transparent children’s mattress packaging

This children’s mattress packaging is perfect for storing and transporting almost any mattress. The black zipper ensures that the package is closed perfectly, so that dirt and dust have no chance of getting inside. The sturdy, black handles make the packaging practical to carry. You can also store a leaflet or product information in the inner compartment. Thanks to all these features, this durable children’s mattress packaging is very suitable for easily transporting and protecting children’s mattresses.

Mattress cover made of recyclable plastic LDPE

It’s important to know is that this cover is made of transparent LDPE. LDPE is a 100 percent recyclable plastic. If you choose this cover for your children’s mattress(es), then you are opting for an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution. And of course there are even more advantages. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) is also water-repellent, insulating and sturdy.