Transparent carrying bag with zipper


Transparent carrying bag with zipper

Complete transparent bag in the size 71×61 cm. This carrierbag is suitable for packing and/or storing (sleeping)pillows. The bag has a white zipper, 2 white rope handles and is finished with a white piping.

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With zipper

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Transparent LDPE zipper bag for sleepingpillows

This pillowbag is ideal for packing, selling and storing sleepingpillows. The sleepingpillows are optimally protected against dust and dirt. The zipperbag has a white zipper on the long side, 2 reinforced rope handles and finished with a white border. This pillowbag is available from stock in the size 71×61 cm and can be ordered per 1 box. Do you prefer to have a customized pillowbag, where you can also customize the color and materials of the bag in addition to the size? Then contact us without any obligation.